How to Become a Bitcoin Millionaire?

Bitcoin is exactly like a 10-cent coin, except that there are only 21 million bitcoins and more than this number is not produced. This makes the value of bitcoin holders’ capital always on the rise.

Why Don’t We Have More Than 21 Million Bitcoins?

This refers to the network structure. You have to be a Blockchain expert or else we cannot explain the structure to you and make you understand it. But if you are very curious, check the link in the explanation. Bitcoin is easily transferable on the Internet, so it is very convenient for making instant purchases online. Because of the high security of transactions and transparency of the network, bitcoin has been widely welcomed by the users. Using Bitcoin, you can sell or buy a product anywhere in the world and make profit.

But the easiest way to become a Bitcoin millionaire is to create a sales network. The sales network can increase exponentially in a short period of time.

The most popular way of having a sales network is the pyramid, which uses sales leverage to generate profit in the sales network.

The pyramid is more successful for selling virtual products.

The pyramid works like this: individual A invites Individuals B, C, and D. Individual B invites individuals B1, B2,B3, and B4. Individual C invites C1, and D invites D1, D2.

So a two-layered network is created. Corporation rewards Network Admins up to 8 levels. That is, if a subset has introduced x number of people to the system, the Network Admins will own an x-numbered network of people that has made significant profit from what their subsets have sold.

The following table shows the information related to the sales network rewards.

Level 1 10% of each purchase
Level 2 5% of each purchase
Level 3 2% of each purchase
Level 4 1% of each purchase
Level 5 0.5% of each purchase
Level 6 0.25% of each purchase
Level 7 0.15% of each purchase
Level 8 0.1% of each purchase

How to do successful networking?

Networking can done in two ways:

1. Face-to-face meetings: in this method, the network maker visits his client in person and invites the user.

2. The Internet: Social Networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Telegram, Email). Websites and forums are ways to invite friends via the Internet. To do powerful networking over the Internet, you just have to show your product to a wide range of Internet users.

The bigger and more active the network, the sooner the Network Admin becomes a bitcoin millionaire.

Do You Want to Know More?

Bitcoin is getting wider every day and more users start using it. Users refer to the mining industry for obtaining bitcoin. Due to the high cost of electricity in different countries, there is a high demand for online contracts.

Online mining contracts are among the products that can be sold online and due to being in high demand, are a powerful lever for building a profitable sales network.

Members of Cloud Mining network constantly try to increase their income and they add more contracts to their user account to increase the account hash rate and this makes an increase in Network Admin’s income.

How to Start and How to Prepare a Report?

Since the product is digital, it is very easy to track and check the network status.

Network Admin has access to a well-equipped control panel so as to monitor important information such as network status, turnover, network members, and details of revenues. Also, a live and schematic chart of the pyramid can be accessed.

Each Network Admin has a private registration link and any user who signs up from this specified link, will be counted as a subset of this Network Admin. Even if a Network Admin does not directly absorb subsets, the network will grow indirectly.