Customer Care

 Account Management

How Can I Create an Account?

Just click on the 'sign up' button and fill out the registration form.

How Can I Make a Wallet?

Creating an account in the MineBitcoin will also create a personal wallet for you.

How Can I Check My Account Balance?

Sign in to your dashboard. You can see your balance at the top of the dashboard.

How Can I Deposit / Withdraw the Wallet’s Balance?

Go to the “wallet menu” in the dashboard. Here you can view your wallet’s balance or make an instant deposit / withdrawal.

How Can I Know about How Much I Earn?

On the dashboard page you can see your instant earnings live. The CPU mining calculator chart and the live Hash Rate account chart can be clearly viewed. To simplify the reporting operation more, we have also put the monthly income chart and hash rate chart in the dashboard.

However, you can also go to the wallet menu to have access to the details of transactions, and access your revenue transactions’ list.

What Is the Difference Between 'Active Balance' and 'Withdrawable Balance'?

Active balance includes unconfirmed balance. Unconfirmed balance means transactions that are pending approval in the network. Since mining income is deposited on a daily basis, it includes this too.

How Can I Change My Account Password?

You can change your password by logging in and clicking on 'settings'.

How Can I Customize the Language of the Site?

You can customize the language according to your preferences by logging into your account and going to “settings”. Also, there is the main menu of the language setting on the first page of the site.

⛏ Mining

How Can I Start Mining?

You can start mining by creating an account on the platform and signing in to the dashboard.

There are two ways for mining:

1. Mining using the power of the device: In this method, you just need to click on 'Start Mining' on the main page of the dashboard. The system will start mining after checking your device\'s CPU power.

To facilitate monitoring, live charts and CPU rankings are active in the live dashboard.

2- Buying Mining Contract: Go to the 'Plans' section of the dashboard or click on 'Add Plans' on the dashboard. On the new page you can view and purchase a list of mining contracts along with profitability. Mining contracts are activated immediately after payment and you can monitor your account’s processed hash live in the dashboard. You can also see a list of your active contracts in detail on 'My Plans' page.

Should My Device Be Permanently on for Mining?

If you want to do web mining, the answer is ‘yes’. But by buying a plan, mining is done automatically through the miners based in our data centers. In this case, even if your devices are turned off, mining is done without using your device's resources.

Does Mining with the Use of CPU damage my Device?

Yes, the mining process puts pressure on the machine due to complex processes and generally causes the machine to overheat. This process may shorten the lifespan of your device. But you can protect your device by buying a mining contract online.

Can I Mine Using Multiple Devices?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount you can mine; you can mine with multiple devices and contracts simultaneously.

 General

What Are Your Payment Methods?

Currently all transactions of the site, input / output, are performed using cryptocurrencies.

How Can I Buy / Sell Cryptocurrencies?

Perhaps the easiest way to buy / sell cryptocurrencies is to Google in your local language. But we introduce some resources through which you can easily buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

1. Changelly:

This bureau de change enables you to purchase cryptocurrencies with a credit card easily and fast.

2. Localbitcoins:

You can buy and sell from your bank and local people with this service.

3. Coin Base:

The biggest bureau de change and provider of bitcoin wallet that you can use.

Is Your Company Reliable? Or ……. scam / ponzi…?

How Should I Trust Your Company?

We dominate the cryptocurrency world. The hash Rate platform is a great system. There are features in the system that you can't find elsewhere. Right now, more than 20,000 hardware are supplying the system with the required power.

All wallets are controlled by official Bitcoin master nodes and transactions are instant and fully automated.

We esteem the comments and reviews of users the presence of whom makes us happy, motivates and validates us.

Sales Collaboration System:

How to Start?

Go to the “Referral” menu on the Dashboard. Get your referral link and share it with your friends.

Are my subsets shown to me?

Yes, the full list of all the subsets along with the purchase and your profit are displayed in full detail on the referral page.