What is
BTC mining?

In order to do transactions, bitcoin network requires the aggregation of the processing of computers. The operation in which the transactions are processed is called mining and the computers that perform the processing are called miners

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The condition of Bitcoin Network

Bitcoin rate is constantly updated Also, the active hash rate in the network has a direct relation with the active miners in the network

Bitcoin Price ($)

Network Hash Rate (EH)

19 M

Circulating Supply

579 M

Total BTC transactions

304 K

BTC Transactions Per Day

What Is BitMine?

the measure of processing power is hash per second

the transactions of bitcoins are done through the processing of hashes. Depending on their power, the mining devices can process a definite number of hashes per second. For example, when the power of a device is 1 th/s, it can process 1,000,000,000,000 hashes per second. if the miner processes more hashes, it receives more commission

About Us

BitMine can provide CPU-mining possibilities on the Web. the CPU of active computers on the Web start processing the hashes and mining the cryptocurrency. this kind of mining is performed via Web, and supercloud can use the power of the processors in a way to mine the most profitable coin. These coins are exchanged to bitcoins on a daily basis and are deposited to the user’s wallet.